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Electrical Energy is the focus of The Electricity Forum, which is dedicated to the exchange of policy and technical information about Electrical Energy matters. We deal with issues in common to electric utilities and large industrial, commercial and institutional power consumers. We publish electrical energy magazines, electrical handbooks and electrial training conferences. Browse our site and learn all about electricity facts, definitions, explanations, and electrical equipment supplies and technologies that help to make modern life possible.

Our Electrical Energy pages offer lots of education about electricity for homework projects and lessons about electric power: subjects like current, magnetism, static electricity, and electricity subjects. See our Electrical Energy Pages.

Electrical Energy Training Electrical Training Courses

Low Voltage Arc Flash/Electrical Safety Workshop

Our Arc Flash/Electrical Safety Awareness Workshop provides front-line electrical workers with the information they need to make safe decisions involving their work practices and how they might be more in tune with the CSA Z462 Arc Flash Standard. From this training, they will receive the proper awareness and training needed in order to develop a personal arc flash safety strategy in the workplace. - September, 2014

Medium-High Voltage Arc Flash/Electrical Safety Workshop

This 1-day Medium Voltage/High Voltage electrical safety course is designed for electrical maintenance personnel responsible for Medium Voltage/High Voltage electrical systems, supervisory and health and safety professionals who are responsible for overseeing high voltage electrical work. Dynamic and highly concentrated, this course places maximum emphasis on safety when working on or near energized electrical equipment. - September, 2014

Electrical Generators & Standby Emergency Power System Training

From portable electrical generators to standby power cogeneration units - from the facility manager to the maintenance technician - this backup power generation course is designed for anyone involved with electrical generation equipment in their plant or facility. This course is designed for anyone involved with emergency onsite power generation systems or working in any facility where an emergency power supply is absolutely critical! In this seminar, students are invited to attend from a wide variety of industries, skill-levels, company sizes, and backgrounds. If you're not sure you'll fit in, or will benefit from this class, don't worry - you will - as long as you have an interest in onsite power generators or UPS systems! September - October, 2014

Canadian Fire Alarm Systems - Design, Installation, Testing and Maintenance

Sign up today for Canada's leading Canadian Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems training course. Our course goes well beyond the recitation of Codes and Standards. Complelete with 8 Interactive Workshops on fire alarm protection systems that examines the purpose and specific application of the different codes and standards that regulate the industry. Avoid installation errors, failed inspections and false alarms! This interactive course maximizes its impact through dynamic curriculum and a learning environment that encourages discussions with other course attendees. Workshops are taught by a recognized and experienced fire protection professional who understands today’s changing safety dynamics. - October, 2014

Low/Medium Voltage Electrical Grounding For Industrial Power Systems

This 2-Day basic electrical grounding course is designed to give students the correct information they need to design, install and maintain effective electrical grounding systems in industrial, commercial and institutional power systems. - October, 2014

High Voltage Electrical Grounding For Industrial Power Systems

This 1-Day course will provide the basic principles of grounding a power supply network to ensure safety of personnel and equipment. Understanding these principles will provide the correct tools to design a grounding system applicable to high voltage utility networks and industrial plant distribution. This course covers the basic procedures in working safely on high voltage systems. - October/November, 2014

Electrical Grounding For Oil & Gas Applications

This 2-Day course will provide the basic principles of grounding techniques for not only medium and high voltage systems but also low voltage Instrument and Control Systems (IACS) in Oil and Gas Applications that have been proven safe and reliable when employed in process control facilities. - October/November, 2014

Electrical Grounding and Bonding For Telecommunications Networks

This advanced 2-Day course is designed for those who are required to design, plan, install, maintain and supervise contractors who are providing grounding and lightning protection systems for telecommunications Sites, such as: Electrical Engineers, Project Engineers, Design Engineers, site Engineers or those who are responsible for the engineering, design, construction, installation, inspection, operation, or maintenance of electrical grounding systems in telecommunications facilties. - October/November, 2014

Power System Design Engineering Course

Learn industrial power systems design principals, planning and analysis. This course is designed for electrical power engineers to review, reinforce and refresh their knowledge of power system design, operation and troubleshooting. The course will provide a systematic approach to design of a new Electrical Power System or retrofit an obsolete system, encompassing distribution, transformers, MCC, panel boards, lighting loads and manufacturing plant electrical system.>/p> - October, 2014

Power System Protection Engineering Course

Our Power System Protection And Coordination Training Course provides a practical and comprehensive description of the principles and concepts of analysis, application and operation of protection schemes for various power system elements such as feeders, transformers, motors, buses, generators, etc. - November, 2014

Power System Studies Engineering Course

Our Power System Modeling and Calculations Engineering Training Course will provide students with an in-depth review of fault analysis problems in industrial, commercial and institutional power systems and provide the means for solving such problems, and discusses the impact of short-circuit fault currents on equipment selection. The course also highlights the differences in the computational approaches recommended in IEEE and IEC standards. A commercially available software program for performing fault analysis will be used by the presenter to solve example problems. - December, 2014

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